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Public Works/Utilities

The City of Roscoe provides water and sewer services to our residents. Bills are sent out at the beginning of the month for readings from the 15th to the 15th.  Self-read meter readings for water are to be read on the 15th of every month, and submitted with balance due by the 20th before a late fee is added.
New water meters are being put in and will be read by City workers once installed.
Rates starting January 1, 2022 are:
Monthly sewer: $4.50
Sewer Surcharge: $45.50
Monthly water: $24.50 base with $3.75/1000 gallons until 34,000, then $8.00/1000 gallons
Water Surcharge: $15.75
Late payment: $15.00
Stand-by fee: water: $15.75; sewer: $45.00 (this is assessed to any house connected to the water/sewer lines even if no water is being used)
Turn-on/turn-off water: $15 for each
Shut-off/turn-on enforced by City: $25.00 each time
Water deposit: $150.00 (this fee is a one time payment that will be returned to the resident when they no longer need water/sewer service in Roscoe).
Water/Sewer Application
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Electricity/Natural Gas
Montana Dakota Utilities provides the City of Roscoe residents with electricity and natural gas.

Heating Fuel
Heating fuel can be purchased from the following buisnesses:
Agtegra: 1-800-658-3353
Performance Oil: 605-225-6100

Garbage is provided by A-1 Sanitation & Recycling out of Aberdeen, SD. Garbage is picked up every Friday morning. Cans are provided from A-1 that the City of Roscoe will deliver once service has started. Garbage is billed quarterly from A-1.
Garbage rate: $13.25/month + tax for 95 gallon can
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Garbage Payment by Credit Card
Garbage Payment by Bank Transfer